Safety Tips For the Homeowner.

We use electricity in our homes and lives every single day, but when a circuit breaks or a fuse blows, things can get dangerous quickly. Electrical shocks, fires, and power outages can not only make a problem worse but can damage you or your home. To keep yourself safe, follow these tips.

The most common trouble with electricity is a blown fuse. In order to fix a fuse safely, you need to turn off all appliances and electronics that are on the same circuit to prevent sparks or more things shutting down. Replace a fuse with a similar one, and not with another object, and keep fuses tight and not loose. Dealing with a blown fuse is one of the most common electrical repairs near me Ocala, FL, and you need to do it safely.

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When trouble with electricity happens, most of us try to flip a breaker and reset the power. However, when a breaker doesn’t respond, don’t try to flip it again and again because you will more than likely cause a fire to break out. Instead, try something else to fix the breaker.

Going against every grain of sense will be this rule when dealing with an electrical fire. Don’t throw water on it, because water conducts electricity and can make the fire bigger, so use an extinguisher. Electrical fires should be pretty small, so a good smothering is enough to remove them.

Electrical cords should be firmly plugged into outlets, be placed in a location where they are not tripping hazards, and should be checked for kinks and cracks regularly.

Despite these tips, sometimes problems do happen and it’s important to get a trained electrician to do any and all repairs, in order to ensure that you and your home are kept safe.