Some recent projects that I’m proud of:

Newspaper Explorer (for CS448b at Stanford)

Our group’s goal in this 4 week project was to explore what sort of tools we could build to allow social science researchers and journalists to explore trends in news coverage, using 11 years of articles from 3 major metropolitan newspapers. Our team built a custom database engine and multiple experimental interfaces for exploring this data. I was responsible for the design and implementation of Newspaper Explorer, a drag and drop, desktop- and mobile-friendly interface for building expressive queries and visualizing the results. The unique UI features are described in more detail in the “Explorer 2″ section of our paper, starting on page 5.

Project page
Design process poster (PDF)
Paper (PDF)
Live demo, direct link to Newspaper Explorer interface


Hands-free interaction with Kinect (for CS247 at Stanford)

In this one-week project, our group’s goal was to explore selection of on-screen targets using natural user interfaces. We additionally limited ourselves to designing for situations when users are unable to use their hands. I was involved in the brainstorming process and was responsible for the the implementation of the gesture controllers and the production of the demonstration video.

Attention Buddy (for CS147 at Stanford) (formerly iPod touch Fans)

I founded in 2007 (renamed to in early 2011) and have been running it since then. My responsibilities include hiring, training, and managing the editorial team, leading the community moderation staff, coding up new features, and doing all the design. iFans currently reaches anywhere from 60-100 thousand unique visitors per day.