Senior Living: Making Your Bathroom More Accessible

As one gets older, it becomes ever more important to make sure your home is easily accessible and safe for the homeowner and guests to navigate. One of the slickest and wettest rooms in any home is going to be the bathroom, and for senior citizens, this can become a slip-and-fall hazard if some upgrades to the bathroom aren’t done in the interest of safety.

Would you like to make your bathroom a little more safe? You might be glad to know that it is doable without breaking the bank. Think about some of the following information if you are considering some safety upgrades for your bathroom to make it easier to access and a little safer for you to use with peace of mind.

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Install grab bars throughout the bathroom

Give yourself a little more balance throughout the bathroom by installing grab bars in different areas of the room. This way, if you feel like you are going to fall down, you will have something you can quickly grab onto.

Install a shower seat in the shower

Slips in the showers often occur because someone simply can’t stand up anymore-this can be dealt with by giving yourself a place to sit if you think you need it while you are in the shower.

Have a walk-in tub installed

One of the most common places that senior citizens experience falls is in the bathtub during a shower. A walk-in tub eliminates this issue, making it a lot simpler to take a bath or shower without worrying about slipping.

If you can think of any other bathroom upgrade ideas that are within your budget, don’t hesitate to have them done so you can be as safe as possible around your home. If you need a hand in getting this done, reach out for handyman services in Tucson, AZ who will be happy to help with any installations you need done.