They Say That These Are Still The Best Dental Implants

Not without a good reason are there different types of dental implants out there. The best dental implants in Aurora are informed by the typically utilised – endosteal, subperiosteal – implants. All the different implants will have different coatings, connectors and size options. And of course different methods will be utilised to place the implants. The endosteal implant is, however, still the most commonly utilised implant.

But the subperiosteal rarely. The endosteal, in the meantime can be utilised an alternative fixture to a removable denture or bridge. Different types of materials are utilised in the endosteal attachment – screws, cylinders, blades. It is left to the prosthodontist to help the patient decide which of these materials would be best suited. Reasons why the endosteal option is widely preferred are that they are safe and effective.

best dental implants in Aurora

They are also preferred because they provide stability as well as a natural look and feel. In order to place the endosteal implant, a hole will be drilled into the jawbone. This is being done to insert a titanium screw. This screw will be acting as an artificial root. Long before the treatment is completed, soft tissue and bone needs to heal around this newly placed root. The healing process could take up to two months.

Finally, subperiosteal implants were initially used to hold dentures in place for patients who did not have enough bone height. When the subperiosteal implants are placed, they are placed on the jawbone within the gum tissue. The implant’s metal post is exposed through the gums in order to hold the denture. While the treatment periods are generally shorter than that required for the placement of endosteal implants, two appointments are usually required to place the subperiosteal implants.